Follow Current Custom Home Trends to Build a Fantasy Home

Read on to learn about some of the other trends for the coming year.


Copper is an element gaining steam in decorative pieces as well as those that are functional such as faucets, tubs, sinks and light fixtures to name a few. Top custom home builders relay that copper adds a twist to design adding a rustic feel to traditional designs. This trend is and has been growing for years.

Water Features

Top custom home builders are pushing the trend of water features in many spaces throughout the homes they are designing and building. Open water paths, waterfalls, and fountains are wonderful for creating a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. They make a home feel more like an escape which is wonderful to come home to.

There are waterfall islands that are featured as usual, right in the middle of the kitchen and are made in marble, granite or wood. However, this is a design element that future homeowners either love or dislike. There are also changes in the culmination of indoors and outdoors living spaces.

Fluid Designs

Rather than have the traditional separation between indoors and outdoors spaces, new homes are flowing in to out, and out to in effortlessly. There is an undefined separation between the spaces that includes screens and glass walls, many that are retractable to allow fresh air to flow right in. Floor and wall materials amongst other elements are made of more natural materials to bring the outdoors in.

Even stairways feature glass for a more open feel, and are accented with natural materials like wood and iron. They’ve become a lovely focal point in the home.

Outdoor spaces are just as crucial to home design as indoor. They still feature outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, water features and plenty of areas and ways to socialize and come together with family and friends. Top custom home builders say outdoor spaces are important even in colder climates because more and more people are finding value in being outside. Homes are even becoming smaller in comparison to outdoor areas.

Industrial Elements hus

Top custom home builders say that industrial accents and elements such as sleek lights, furniture and fixtures are gaining popularity and are being coupled with bright colored walls and decorative items. This is a great way to have both a modern and home-like atmosphere that impresses everyone. This look previously only existed in businesses but it’s finding its way to more homes.


Rustic elements are being thrown in with contemporary design. Things like barn doors used for bedrooms, closets and kitchen pantries are just some examples. They make for a very unique feature and allow homeowners to open up a room that sometimes is needed to be closed off as well.

It’s possible to achieve both an elegant and rustic feel within a home according to top custom home builders. This eclectic feel is sought after in current trends.


Problems With CPAP Machines And How To Avoid Them

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines also known as CPAP machines are used to help treat obstructive sleep apnea. The machine provides a continuous and stable air pressure. It includes a mask, a hose and a nose piece.

There are some common problems that people using these machines may face. These are:

1. Getting used to wearing the device

It may be quite difficult to get used to wearing the mask. Wearing the mask during the day while you’re awake will help you get accustomed to how it feels using the device. You can wear it while watching TV. Do this consistently to ensure that you are comfortable with the pressure settings.

2. Dry, stuffy nose

Some people experience this. It helps to use a machine with a heated humidifier attached to the air pressure device. The humidification level is adjustable. You can also use a nasal saline spray. If these do not help, your doctor may prescribe an appropriate nasal steroid spray. Also ensure that your mask fits well.

3. Pressure sores, leaky mask and skin irritation

A leaky or unfitting mask deprives you of the full air pressure you require and irritates your skin and eyes. Adjust your mask to the appropriate fit to reduce these problems.

4. Dry Mouth

Some of these devices may worsen dry mouth for patients who sleep with their mouths open. A chin strap or a device with a full-mask may assist in keeping the mouth closed. This helps reduce air leakage. You can also use a machine with a humidifier attached to the air pressure machine.

5. Noise Might Be Annoying

Most of these devices nowadays are almost silent. If your machine has a noise, have it checked to ensure that it is working properly.

6. Mask might slip off your face during the night

If you move a lot in your sleep, you might wake up and find yourself not wearing the mask. Go for a full face mask and a good fit to avoid this. chin straps for cpap

7. Difficulty falling asleep

This happens especially during the first days of using the machine. To avoid this, try using the mask during the day so as to get accustomed to the feeling. Ensure that you also practice good sleeping habits like regular exercise, avoiding alcohol and caffeine and relaxing by taking a warm bath before bedtime.

8. Feeling claustrophobic

To reduce this feeling, you can first try holding only the mask up to your face. Do not use the other parts at this point. If you are comfortable, incorporate the straps.

Then, try hold the mask and hose to your face minus the straps. Attach the hose to your device with the setting at the lowest air pressure. You can use the ramp feature at this point. You can then wear the mask with the straps. Have the pressure turned on.


Texas Health Insurance And Health Care Quality Are Under Scrutiny

When it comes to shortening life spans and allowing premature deaths, Texas represents the national example of what not to do. Although millions are barred from Medicaid, Texas planners are not working to cover more people. More than one-fourths of the state’s population has no Texas health insurance coverage.

Texas continues to neglect higher numbers of uninsured residents than other states. It ranks 44th out of 50 states for health care spending per person, 49th for per capita Medicaid spending and dead last at 50th for mental health spending. Only the residents of two states (Mississippi and New Mexico) are less likely to get health insurance through employment than Texans are. It’s estimated that only 44 percent of Texans have access to coverage through an employer, which typically makes Texas health insurance plans more affordable.

Gaps In Health Insurance For Texas Correlate With High Death Rates

Texas may have a younger population than many states, but it still has more trouble with obesity and more people dying from diabetes and heart disease than some other states. At the other end of the spectrum (and the nation), only 10 percent of the people in Vermont need health insurance. With fewer insurance companies and major medical centers to confront, this little state has big ambitions. Even though Vermont’s residents fare better than Texans, leaders in Vermont have proposed one of the most comprehensive attempts to provide health care in the country.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says that health care is a right and we should stop treating it as a privilege for accumulating wealth. He maintains that access to medical treatment should not be restricted based on your age, your employment or your health.

Speaking out on National Public Radio, Shumlin responded to critics who claim that providing health care can’t be done and has never been done with a reality check. “And I say, now, wait a minute, slow down. It’s actually being done by everybody else in the developed world except for us. And I see this as an economic development issue,” he counters.